Friday, July 27, 2007

Ad Hill picks up a new sled!

Ad said with a few minor adjustments, the bike would shit on Cam's..

New BAD member and Fearless Bemboka Brave, Adam Hill received his new bike recently having purchased it on the cyber pimp that is eBay. He said with a few tweaks and twiddles, he'd be the first to lift the BAD WC downhiller of the year trophy- which was a competition just thought of by this author.
Ad said that he'd try to pinch some key components from his father's (Russ the Muss Hill), Unicycle and would soon be armed and very dangerous. With Team CEO Dunko the Man O'Reilly set to have his new rig ready this weekend, next weekend could well be a festival of theSpinning Wheel in Bemboka as the mountain beckons.

Saty tuned for more exciting updates..


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Secnd BAD outing bad for Dunko and Barney..

Cam wondered what the result of hitting a Wallaby might be.

The second outing of BAD today spelt a rather painful afternoon for Barney and Dunko after two prett major crashes on the notorious Poweline Trail. The trail was strewn with fallen trees after the recent wild weather, so the boys were picking their way dow the first part of the trail cautiously, but when the trail opened up, Dunko forgot to land his bike straight and paid the price. He ended up sliding quite a way down the leaf and stick strewn shute, copping a couple of nasty stick wounds of the way.
Some minutes (15+)past along with his giddiness and nausea from the off and he gingerly set off again, much to the delight of young Cam (nickname to be decied), who was waiting patiently at the boto of the shute shouting things like 'if you old guys can't stay on the bike, I'm riding by myself from now on!'..
A little further down the trail after they had let Cam go off in front Barney and Dunko prepared to pick their way down the really steep section, which was made somewhat easier by the soft conditions from the recent rains. Barney got stuck in a rut and was picking up speed and releasing his control of the bike when he decided to do his impression of Dunko's earlier crash. He hit the deck violently, making Dunko shudder (not laugh for a change), but was lucky to come up with a dead ass and some impressive slide tackle marks..
Both boys were looking forward to getting inthe shower that night..

Cam looks sharp on his new forks- The Yazuka (Japanese for Wallaby Slayer), and just managed to avoid 2 (two) Wllabies on his his speed descent today. Long may they keep out of his way.!

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