Friday, April 25, 2008

Roscoe qualifies for Stromlo World Cup!

Roscoe's skinsuit helped him bring his time down..

Sunday saw the second round of the BAD Pipeline World cup and after a great start from Dunko, it was Roscoe who shone thru to bring the best recorded time down by a full 12 seconds by the end of his run.
J Mac, Cam, Beno (the O'Reilly's very own Alpha male), Dunko and the little fast man from Tathra lined up to do battle. Cam could only make it for the second run, which may have prevented him from pulling a bigger PB.
First run times- Dunko 3.27(new record), Roscoe 3.35, Beno 3.52(blamed on a timing malfunction by Beno) and J Mac a solid 9.44 minutes (after imitating a bulldozer with the force he hit a bank on te way down the hill).
The boys headed back up the trail for some quick timber removal, to open the trail up and bring the times down even further.
By the time the team got back up to the start line, it was getting pretty bloody dark, which had Dunko later looking on ebay for some clear lenses for his goggles.
When all had hit the bottom, Dunko had taken his time for a 3.38, Beno stepped up to blast a 3.27(still not faster than Dunko), Cam pulled a3.35(equalling his PB) and slightly heavily armoured J Mac was around 4.25.
Roscoe's time of course qualified for the Stromlo round of the WC to be held in August- and we thought we were just going to watch!
Bring on Issacs! BAD is on the way!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

First round of the BAD Championships held...

Dunko was a humble overall winner on day 1...

Sunday saw the first ever attempt at a timed race by the boys from BAD.
Run one: Dunko 3.40, Roscoe/cam 4.00. There may have been irregularities in the Swiss timing on this run..

Run Two Roscoe 3.34, Dunko 3.35(watch stopped during crash near finish), Cam 4+ (lost chain on the way down..

Great day had by the boys, and a massive tip of the Bemboka Stetson to the Lovely Tam for being the shuttle driver for us:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roscoe's run in with Marzocchi

Always look on the bright side of life:)
...Unless this happens at high speed.....

It was towards the end of the run down towards the phone tower from Packers Swamp and Dunko paused to get some footage of Roscoe hitting a big kicker on his DH Team. As Roscoe flew and hit the ground, there was quite a clunk, with Dunko thinking it was just his fork or shock bottoming. Little did the boys know that the oil leaking down the right stanchon on his Jr.T wasn't a blown seal, but a hairline fracture in the right stanchon! Another km or so down the ride, and as Roscoe braked to stop for a gate and bam! Snapped stanchon!
Crazy stuff, but if you hang with the BAD boys, crazy shit happens!