Sunday, September 28, 2008

BAD takes on Uncle Phil (and looses)

Phil and Julie cut sick...

Ben, Cam and Adam hit the pipeline on the weekend, and encountered anti tresspass terrorism at it's bets on the way back out. The reliably unstable Phil O'Reilly and his lovely wife attacked Ad's limo, and Phil landed one on Adam during the attack.

Needless to say he's in deep shit now.

And he deserves it...

Powerlines anyone?

BAD Boys loose phones in a week!

Cam's phone didn't appreciate being run over...

In a very bad week for BAD phones, Cam ran over his, Adam lost his and Dunko's died a horrible electrical death recently. News reports tell us that the boys have all recovered and have replaced/updated, but the Mobile Phone Separation Anxiety Counselling Group was busy there for a few days.

Better luck with these phones lads!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dunko returns to the mountain. Kinda.

This guy joined the Dunko's 'over the bars rehab group'..

Nothing quite as serious as the guy above, but Dunko did manage to come off on his first run down the mountain since his elegant flip at Issacs. Also manage to land on his crook elbow.
Spot of bike doctor work at Dunko's preceeded the run down the hill which unfortunately only allowed for one run for the day.

When all was said and done, Roscoe hit out a 3.13, Cam 3.30(ish?) and Dunko grabbed his brakes so hard he had to replace his rotors and made it down with a lame crash in the respectable time of 4.34. Best thing about going that slow is that every run will mean a post crash PB for Dunko from here in.

Next big excitement the BAD boys are looking for is the BAD triple crown and the Stromlo WC round at the end of August.

Go hard!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tomas takes the State Title! Yay!

(above)Who me? You must be joking! Bring it on!

If you don't believe me, click on the new Team Crimmins Link on the right. Big up bro! Big up to younger Bro too, nailing 11th in the under 15's. Not bad for a 7 year old. Just joking Andy...

Next stop Aussie titles!

You've got to pin it to win it, as Team Crimmins always say....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Round 3 of CORC DH series

Once again on saturday the boys headed off to the nation's capital to contest round 3 of the dh series. Cam and Adam got up there early to get some practice in but Adam had a mechanical so the lads headed of to Mal Adjusted to see if they could do an emergency repair. But mal adjusted did not have the parts to repair the bike so adam's race weekend was over. This break in practice was enough time to allow roscoe to arrive in the big smoke. With a quick call to Dunko for direction to stromlo finally all the lads were there. With a few practice runs under their belt they quickly realised that this track had alot of pedalling much to the disgust of cam and roscoe. with practice all done they headed of to their motel (roscoe's sister place). With a good night sleep Cam and Adam headed off to the track bright and early at 6am for a 9am rego. Roscoe deciding he will get some sleep and meet up with the boys later. Cam and roscoe only decided to do 1 practice run and saving there legs for the race. with start time fast approaching the lads got ready and lined up at the top of the mountain. Cam was off first in the Under 19 section and recorded 3:02min run. When Roscoe's time to race finally come around he recorded a time of 2:55min. when the boys meet up at the top to discuss tactics for the second run both were keen to beat the first run. once again cam headed of to lay down another run at 3:02min talk about consistant. Roscoe headed of again very determined to beat his first run. with lactic acid building up fast in his legs and that feeling of throwing up that goes along with it he pushed on to cross the line in 2:51min. the boys leaving nothing on the track and plenty to work on for next race they headed off home.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tom Cat hits the top of the Charts!

...(above)Even on tip toes, you couldn't see Thomas behind the Syndicate boys. Andrew couldn't even see over the podium!...

Thomas 'Tom Cat' Crimmins took his family on a long weekend holiday to Coffs and packed his bike just in case there was somewhere to ride. It just so happened that it was round 3 of the NSW Dh State Championships which he carved up, his second State victory in a row!

Big up to our man Andrew who, racing quite a few years out of his age group, grabbed 10th in the U15 men from a field of 31! Whoo hooo! Big future for that man too.. Obviously, Andrew showed Tom Cat all his good lines and Tom took advantage.. Keep an eye out for young bro tom!

Check here for all the results and overall standings..

A big hand for the boys up north from the boys down south!

Times and the inside story from the weekend to come

Look forward to seeing you guys soon!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

B.A.D Boys Set Mountain On Fire

Cam and Roscoe setting out for another attack on the pipeline track. Both boys setting a new fastest time for the track at different stages of the day. with Cam blasting out a very quick 3:06min on his first run of the day and roscoe coming in second at 3:16min due largly to a chain that slipped of about 1/2 way down the hill. The lads all eager for the 2nd run they charged up to the top. when the clock started roscoe headed of first. When again his chain slipped off much to his annoyance. as the seconds ticked away roscoe was forced to make up time in other areas, throwing himself into the corners and hoping his new tyres would grip. When the clocked stopped he recorded a blistering 3min flat. meanwhile Cam was still flying down the hill and Roscoe thinking " have i done enough". With Cam's confidence high he flew past the finsh line. When the clock stopped and dust settle it was Roscoe who maintained his domination of the mountain to beat fast finishing Cam by mere 2sec. A few questions to be answered next week.

Can the boys break the magical 3min mark?

Can the rest of the B.A.D boys step up to the mark?

Stay tuned for the answer's next week.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Team Crimmins off to Coffs Harbour for State Round!

Thomas said if you put wheels on it, he could beat Dunko down the Pipeline..

Team Crimmins will be gearing up as I type to head to the warmer climes of the North Coast of NSW for the next round of the DH State Championships of the World..
With a slight lead from the previous round, Thomas will be hoping for another strong showing, especially with the Bike having paid another expensive visit to the shop this week.
All the family will be going, with Andrew looking to throw thumb tacks under the wheels of Thomas's opposition during their race runs. Andrew is also grateful for a couple of days off school.

All the best up there mate- bring back another batch of points and a big bunch of bananas for us!

Happy travels and good luck!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

B.A.D. takes on Issacs!

...(above)Roscoe says with wheels and a fork, his Giant can go even faster...

(above)...not quite as impressive, but Dunko said 'a break is a break'...

Last weekend saw BAD travel to the nation's capital for the first of many DH races for this year. It was a mixed bag for the boys with some of the boys getting more from their weekend than others..

Roscoe: 'It was great to cement my place at the top of the BAD pecking order again. I was distraught when Dunko flew into the lead a couple of weeks on the Pipeline Masters board. I had a relatively incident free weekend unlike the old bastard and felt as though I had the goods come race day. Spiking Dunko's breakfast didn't hurt either...'

Cam:'All I wanted to do was to be faster than Dunko (and Max) down the hill. Roscoe is on another level at the moment, and I'm still not completely comfortable with my new factory frame. I also had the plan to wake evryone up at about 4.15 on Sunday morning with a shit and a shower which broke the boy's sleep pattern up. I was pretty happy the toilet roll holder enabled me to make so much noise.'

Max:'Cam had told me that Dunko could ride a bit, but all I could see through the lense was him picking his bike out of the rocks and trees all weekend after repeated crashes. We're pretty confident he needs 'Crash Test Dummy' on his riding jersey when they come on in... Other than that, I was happy to get away with that noisy shit and shower I had at about 4.45 on Sunday morning when everyone thought it was Cam. I'm still trying to work out how to get the pictures off the camera onto the computer. Bloody technology'.

Dunko:'Iwas shit and rode like a tosser all weekend. Nuff said. Big up to Team Crimmins cheif medical officer (Ian) who helped dry up my tears and get my bike down to the road after my spill. Probably be still up there otherwise...'

Roscoe came 4th in sport(1.58), Dunko 4th (2.27, second last- the other guy was in a wheel chair) in Vets and Cam was 9th in U19's(2.07).
Of our friends from Tura and bredbo, Jack Senior pulled a 1.55, Andrew bombed down for a 2.04 (1st) and rather predictably, Tomas pinned a lucky 1.42(1st).

next up is Stromlo in June. Will Dunko be healed? Can Roscoe go faster? Will Cam need to drop a deuce in the middle of the night? Will Max discover where the film goes in dad's digital camera? Will Sam Hill's team sign Tomas in the meantime?

Stay tuned riders and drivers for the answers to these pressing matters and more! Till next time, remember what Dunko always says- 'go hard or go to hospital'.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Roscoe qualifies for Stromlo World Cup!

Roscoe's skinsuit helped him bring his time down..

Sunday saw the second round of the BAD Pipeline World cup and after a great start from Dunko, it was Roscoe who shone thru to bring the best recorded time down by a full 12 seconds by the end of his run.
J Mac, Cam, Beno (the O'Reilly's very own Alpha male), Dunko and the little fast man from Tathra lined up to do battle. Cam could only make it for the second run, which may have prevented him from pulling a bigger PB.
First run times- Dunko 3.27(new record), Roscoe 3.35, Beno 3.52(blamed on a timing malfunction by Beno) and J Mac a solid 9.44 minutes (after imitating a bulldozer with the force he hit a bank on te way down the hill).
The boys headed back up the trail for some quick timber removal, to open the trail up and bring the times down even further.
By the time the team got back up to the start line, it was getting pretty bloody dark, which had Dunko later looking on ebay for some clear lenses for his goggles.
When all had hit the bottom, Dunko had taken his time for a 3.38, Beno stepped up to blast a 3.27(still not faster than Dunko), Cam pulled a3.35(equalling his PB) and slightly heavily armoured J Mac was around 4.25.
Roscoe's time of course qualified for the Stromlo round of the WC to be held in August- and we thought we were just going to watch!
Bring on Issacs! BAD is on the way!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

First round of the BAD Championships held...

Dunko was a humble overall winner on day 1...

Sunday saw the first ever attempt at a timed race by the boys from BAD.
Run one: Dunko 3.40, Roscoe/cam 4.00. There may have been irregularities in the Swiss timing on this run..

Run Two Roscoe 3.34, Dunko 3.35(watch stopped during crash near finish), Cam 4+ (lost chain on the way down..

Great day had by the boys, and a massive tip of the Bemboka Stetson to the Lovely Tam for being the shuttle driver for us:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roscoe's run in with Marzocchi

Always look on the bright side of life:)
...Unless this happens at high speed.....

It was towards the end of the run down towards the phone tower from Packers Swamp and Dunko paused to get some footage of Roscoe hitting a big kicker on his DH Team. As Roscoe flew and hit the ground, there was quite a clunk, with Dunko thinking it was just his fork or shock bottoming. Little did the boys know that the oil leaking down the right stanchon on his Jr.T wasn't a blown seal, but a hairline fracture in the right stanchon! Another km or so down the ride, and as Roscoe braked to stop for a gate and bam! Snapped stanchon!
Crazy stuff, but if you hang with the BAD boys, crazy shit happens!