Sunday, September 28, 2008

BAD takes on Uncle Phil (and looses)

Phil and Julie cut sick...

Ben, Cam and Adam hit the pipeline on the weekend, and encountered anti tresspass terrorism at it's bets on the way back out. The reliably unstable Phil O'Reilly and his lovely wife attacked Ad's limo, and Phil landed one on Adam during the attack.

Needless to say he's in deep shit now.

And he deserves it...

Powerlines anyone?


George said...

Bloody Mountain bikers causing trouble and tearing up the ozone layer by shocking cows into farting.We hope Adam took it on the chin, Bad cow pun!.We guess that means we wont be having a CORC round there any time soon. Thomas and his Cooma croonies are also in the S..T for building tracks on crown land they have upset several committee's and the council.Some good may come out of it yet as it has highlighted the need for a downhill track in town.
We hope this dude gets a life and look forward to a social ride soon.
"Team Crimmins"

George said...

We know the bad boys are losing a senior member to the pull of the Mother Country. Just wanted to let you bad boys know that it's been fun and thank you for showing us you tracks and making us feel welcome from the start. Hope to keep in touch with you all and maybe even visit Dunko one day. See ya's on the trails!
Team Crimmins