Thursday, July 9, 2009

corc race at kowen

Last Sunday Cam and Roscoe got up nice and early and headed up to Canberra to get back into the racing life. After making a slight detour along the wrong road they finally arrived at kowen race track. much to boys delight they hoped out of the car to a lovely winter day. All kitted up they headed out to take a look at the track.After completing there first run they were pretty happy with the track. nice and quick and not to technical. doing a few more runs cam found out his rear shock works better with air in it who would of thought. The clock ticked away to race time and the lads got into race mode and waiting up the top talking to the other lads in our class. One by one the riders at the top of the mountain got fewer and fewer and it was time for cam to tackle the mountain he blasted out of the blocks disappearing in a cloud of dust to lay down a time 1min 49sec, he waited anxiously down the bottom for Roscoe to come across the line in a time of 1 min 46.4 sec thanks to all the xc riding he been doing lately paying of with the pedally bottom section. After a drink and something to eat they headed back up to the top both hoping to improve on there 1st run time. with cam headed of first he managed to knock of 3 seconds of his time to finish with a time of 1min 46.59sec run. Roscoe headed out of the blocks and thought he was nailing the coarse but was only going close to nailing a couple of pine trees and managed to actually go slower in the second run finishing with a time of 1min 47sec. so with cam stepping up to the best class of all sport class it still wasn't enough to beat Roscoe with him edging cam out by 19 hundreds of a second. until next race have fun.

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Team Crimmins said...

Good result at Kowen, your times were very close. Look forward to riding with you soon. Bout time you updated your blog too!!!