Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Round 3 of CORC DH series

Once again on saturday the boys headed off to the nation's capital to contest round 3 of the dh series. Cam and Adam got up there early to get some practice in but Adam had a mechanical so the lads headed of to Mal Adjusted to see if they could do an emergency repair. But mal adjusted did not have the parts to repair the bike so adam's race weekend was over. This break in practice was enough time to allow roscoe to arrive in the big smoke. With a quick call to Dunko for direction to stromlo finally all the lads were there. With a few practice runs under their belt they quickly realised that this track had alot of pedalling much to the disgust of cam and roscoe. with practice all done they headed of to their motel (roscoe's sister place). With a good night sleep Cam and Adam headed off to the track bright and early at 6am for a 9am rego. Roscoe deciding he will get some sleep and meet up with the boys later. Cam and roscoe only decided to do 1 practice run and saving there legs for the race. with start time fast approaching the lads got ready and lined up at the top of the mountain. Cam was off first in the Under 19 section and recorded 3:02min run. When Roscoe's time to race finally come around he recorded a time of 2:55min. when the boys meet up at the top to discuss tactics for the second run both were keen to beat the first run. once again cam headed of to lay down another run at 3:02min talk about consistant. Roscoe headed of again very determined to beat his first run. with lactic acid building up fast in his legs and that feeling of throwing up that goes along with it he pushed on to cross the line in 2:51min. the boys leaving nothing on the track and plenty to work on for next race they headed off home.

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