Saturday, May 31, 2008

B.A.D Boys Set Mountain On Fire

Cam and Roscoe setting out for another attack on the pipeline track. Both boys setting a new fastest time for the track at different stages of the day. with Cam blasting out a very quick 3:06min on his first run of the day and roscoe coming in second at 3:16min due largly to a chain that slipped of about 1/2 way down the hill. The lads all eager for the 2nd run they charged up to the top. when the clock started roscoe headed of first. When again his chain slipped off much to his annoyance. as the seconds ticked away roscoe was forced to make up time in other areas, throwing himself into the corners and hoping his new tyres would grip. When the clocked stopped he recorded a blistering 3min flat. meanwhile Cam was still flying down the hill and Roscoe thinking " have i done enough". With Cam's confidence high he flew past the finsh line. When the clock stopped and dust settle it was Roscoe who maintained his domination of the mountain to beat fast finishing Cam by mere 2sec. A few questions to be answered next week.

Can the boys break the magical 3min mark?

Can the rest of the B.A.D boys step up to the mark?

Stay tuned for the answer's next week.